Ryan Anderson

Au.D. Intern

Ryan is a graduate student receiving his doctor of audiology degree from the University of Northern Colorado in the Spring of 2024. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Utah Valley University. Like Dr. Luekenga, he is a native of Richfield, Utah and is excited to be back in his home state while he completes his Audiology externship.

Ryan is passionate about connecting with others and helping them improve their best hearing for better communication. He especially enjoys working with the geriatric population.

In his spare time Ryan enjoys spending time with his family, attending sporting events, playing golf & pickleball, and relaxing at home. He’s excited for the time he will spend at Utah Ear Institute and looks forward to working with all of our patients.

Ryan Anderson, Au.D. Intern at Utah Ear Institute

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If family, friends, and co-workers are telling you to turn down the TV, harassing you to get your ears checked, or if it is becoming impossible to enjoy a night out or family gathering because of background noise, it could mean that you are experiencing a hearing loss.

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