Transfer of Care Program: Accessing Advanced Audiological Care Regardless of Where You Bought Your Hearing Aids

Obtaining better hearing goes beyond simply acquiring a pair of hearing aids. It necessitates the expertise, support, and guidance of a skilled team of hearing experts who have assisted numerous others in achieving the outcome that you’re looking for.

Whether you have recently relocated to the area or purchased your hearing aids elsewhere but are dissatisfied with the level of performance, care, or expertise you are receiving, our Transfer of Care Program might be beneficial for you.

With this program, you will receive continuous personalized attention from our highly trained Doctors of Audiology, ensuring that your hearing health takes priority and that the functionality of your hearing devices is optimized.

Below, you will find details about our Transfer of Care Plan, which provides ongoing care, services, and support as part of a simple annual package. With this plan, we essentially become your dedicated team! Alternatively, you can also find A La Carte pricing if you prefer to visit us for one-time care or support.

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