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Most cases of hearing loss are irreversible, but they may be preventable. We can’t protect you against the deterioration that comes from aging or genetics, but we can protect you from the damage done by exposure to noise.

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Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), which involves frequent or ongoing exposure to sounds above 85 decibels (the sound of an idling bulldozer or normal conversation) or exposure to a single extreme noise event, such as an explosion (210 dB+), is among the most common types of permanent hearing loss for individuals under the age of 65.

If you are frequently exposed to loud noise during your regular activities, you could be wondering, “Is there a place to find hearing protection near me?”

Utah Ear Institute has got you covered with custom earplugs and hearing protection capable of preventing damage to your ears and reducing your risk of developing NIHL whether you’re exposed to noise while you work, do chores around the house, or while participating in hobbies and social activities.

How Loud Is Too Loud?

Sound is measured in decibels (dB) on a logarithmic scale. With 0 being the quietest sound detectable by the human ear, sounds 10 times louder than this measure 10 dB, and sounds 100 times louder are measured at 20 dB.

Sounds below 85 dB are considered safe without hearing protection, while exposure to a sound intensity of 85 dB is considered safe from damage for up to 8 hours without any form of protection.

With each increase of 3 dB of intensity, the amount of time you can be exposed to each sound level without protection is cut in half.

Here are some examples of the amount of time you can be exposed to each sound intensity without hearing protection:

  • 88 dB = 4 hours
  • 91 dB = 2 hours
  • 94 dB = 1 hour
  • 110 dB = 90 seconds
  • 120 dB = 7 seconds
  • 130 dB+ = instant damage

Lawn equipment, chainsaws, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and power tools have noise levels of between 90 dB and 105 dB, so engaging in activities where they are used for between 30 minutes and two hours can cause damage when your ears are left unprotected. Listening to music on headphones or earbuds at high levels (110 dB to 115 dB) for more than a few seconds or a little over one minute is particularly dangerous to your hearing.

Major sporting events, live concerts, or nightclubs often reach levels of up to 135 dB, while discharging a firearm will have an intensity level in excess of 145 dB.

You can prevent the damage to your ears by using adequate hearing protection while you are engaged in the various activities you enjoy or while working.

Benefits of Custom
Hearing Protection

Custom hearing protection involves the use of custom molded earplugs that conform to the unique contours of your ears. Among the advantages of custom molded earplugs are a more secure fit, a greater level of comfort, and greater assurance that your hearing protection will remain in place during whatever activity you’re engaged in.

In addition to these general advantages, each type of custom hearing protection provides benefits related to their specific use, such as:

  • Accurate frequency response, allowing you to hear a full range of sounds but at a reduced volume.
  • Venting, which involves letting sound to pass both ways so your voice won’t reverberate inside your ears.
  • Precision-engineered filters that provide measurable protection with clearer, more natural sound.
  • Medical-grade silicone construction, allowing you to wear them for extended periods of time without irritation or discomfort.
  • Replaceable sound filters, allowing you to select the level of sound protection necessary for a variety of activities and situations.

Custom Hearing Protection Available from Utah Ear Institute

Whether you’re exposed to noise at work, during recreational sports, or at concerts and clubs, you risk damage to your hearing and permanent noise-induced hearing loss when you leave your ears unprotected. However, you don’t have to give up on the lifestyle and activities you enjoy as long as you make an effort to protect your hearing from damage by using custom hearing protection.

We offer a variety of hearing protection types and styles to fit the unique hearing protection requirements for each of the activities you take part in, including:

  • Custom molded protection for shooting and hunting
  • Custom ear protection for use with construction and industrial equipment
  • Custom ear protection while using lawn and garden tools, chainsaws, motorcycles, and snowmobiles
  • Custom molded earplugs for concerts and sporting events
  • Custom earbuds for musicians and for listening to music through your personal player
  • Custom molded earplugs for swimmers (to prevent “swimmer’s ear,” not related to NIHL)

What Our Delighted Patients Say

Learn More about Custom Hearing Protection

Your ability to hear better for as long as possible without sacrificing the activities and independent lifestyle you enjoy depends upon how well you take care of your ears. Protecting them from noise-induced hearing loss ensures that you can avoid ongoing hearing challenges brought on by work, recreational activities, and lifestyle choices.

The custom hearing protection provided by Utah Hearing Institute makes it possible to protect your hearing with custom earplugs and hearing protection. Contact us to learn more about the solutions we have available by submitting the adjacent form.

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