Hearing Aid Tune-Up: Extend Life and Performance

The Simple Way to Have Wasatch Front’s Most Advanced Doctor of Audiology Boost Your Existing Hearing Aids’ Performance

If you’re an existing hearing aid wearer but either find yourself unsatisfied with your performance, or questioning if you should be getting more from your hearing aids, then the ‘Hearing Aid Tune-Up and Performance Revamp Visit’ is for you.

Led by one the most trusted Doctors of Audiology in Wasatch Front, this consultation involves a series of evaluations based on the latest, evidence-backed audiological practices. The goal is to fine-tune your hearing aids for optimal performance, ensuring they meet your distinct requirements.

Dr. Joshua Luekenga Au.D., F-AAA, CCC-A with a patient couple
Hearing aid technician performing a hearing aid cleaning and tune-up

Key Components of this session include:

  • NDetailed review of your hearing aid experience and history
  • NVideo otoscopic examination for assessing ear canal structure and health, including earwax removal if required
  • NExtensive hearing assessment (speech-in-noise testing included) as per contemporary audiological standards, if necessary
  • NProfessional cleaning of your hearing aids, entailing suction cleaning of microphone and speaker ports, and moisture removal using Redux technology
  • NElectroacoustic analysis to verify your devices' performance standards
  • NReal ear measurements to check if your hearing aids are correctly programmed to your current hearing needs
  • NCustom adjustments to your hearing aids, informed by precise, updated hearing tests and your listening preferences
  • NAssistance with smartphone connectivity and app guidance for compatible hearing aid/phone models

The aim of this comprehensive appointment is to elevate the performance of your hearing aids to their fullest potential, specifically addressing your individual hearing needs.


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