Patient Stories


“Give them a try.”

Steve’s hearing loss was making daily life difficult. He noticed he was “not able to hear people” very well.

Prior to visiting Utah Ear Institute, Steve says he was worried about the cost of hearing aids the most. Nevertheless, he went ahead with his appointment and he’s so glad he did.

Describing his appointment as “amazing,” Steve had his hearing comprehensively tested before being fit with hearing aids. His devices were recommended according to his unique hearing needs and lifestyle.

Now, Steve finds communicating much easier and says he can “hear my wife” clearly.

Rating Utah Ear Institute a 10/10, Steve highly recommends them to others, saying, “Give them a try.”

– Steve H.


“You won’t regret going.”

One day, Alicia’s hearing was normal. The next, it was changed forever.

She explains, “It was immediately after a car accident and I was told it would probably come back, but it didn’t. I thought I was doing something wrong or being dramatic. I didn’t want to be seen as a victim.”

Recalling her first impressions of Utah Ear Institute, Alicia says, “Everyone was so nice and friendly. I was treated like a friend and not a patient. Luke was very nice and friendly.”

Alicia’s hearing was comprehensively tested and she was fitted with hearing aids. The result?

“I can hear my kids talking to me and not have to say ‘What?’ every other sentence,” says Alicia. “It is life changing to hear things clearly, especially when your kids are wanting to talk to you but would get annoyed when I couldn’t understand what they were saying and they would give up talking to me.”

She hopes others will pursue hearing care at Utah Ear Institute. “You won’t regret going and getting everything checked out,” Alicia says, rating them a 10/10.

– Alicia F.


“I can understand better.”

Kim was already a hearing aid wearer prior to visiting Utah Ear Institute, but hearing was still proving difficult.

Fortunately, at Kim’s first appointment, everything went well and all hearing issues were resolved. “Dr. Josh is very nice, fun, and outgoing,” says Kim.

The new devices have been a great success. “I can understand better. Best of all, I can adjust them myself for different situations,” Kim explains.

Rating Utah Ear Institute a 10/10, Kim advises others, “Go and see them. They are knowledgeable and very nice. Hearing aids cost less than I thought.”

– Kim H.


“We are totally satisfied.”

Judith wasn’t planning on getting hearing aids, but one day when she accompanied her husband to his appointment at Utah Ear Institute, her plans changed – and for the better.

She says, “Only occasionally did I feel I wasn’t hearing well, but since my husband was getting hearing aids, I was tested, too. I did have a mild hearing loss, but Dr. Josh said if I started wearing hearing aids now, it would help to prevent further loss.”

Judith took the news well, recalling, “I had no concerns because others in the family had had success wearing hearing aids. I just wanted ones that worked well for me.”

She also appreciated Utah Ear Institute’s trial period. “I was impressed that we were offered a trial period, and since I had never had hearing aids before, that seemed like a really good idea to me,” she says.

Judith’s new hearing aids, which are packed with various high-tech options, have enhanced her hearing greatly. “I do hear better generally, and I like the options for being able to turn them to restaurant mode, which shuts out noises behind me,” she notes. “We also use our mini-mike, which can go directly into the hearing aid, as does my cell phone, to which I can listen to books on Audible and other similar services.”

Giving Utah Ear Institute a 10/10 rating, she says, “We are totally satisfied with the service we have gotten, with regular, no cost follow-ups when necessary, and the aids are very high quality.”

– Judith P.


“They really knew their hearing.”

When Glen began struggling to hear his wife, he decided to get to the root of the problem right away.

He recalls, “My wife was concerned that she always had to repeat statements to me. I was tested and the results were that I had a minor hearing loss and was borderline to needing hearing aids. I went to a seminar and learned that hearing was done by the brain and not the ears and that the longer we go without hearing certain sounds, we would lose the ability to hear them.

“At the time, my father was having trouble with his hearing aids. He kept complaining they didn’t work. He had waited too long to get the hearing aids. I decided that I would get them so that I wouldn’t lose the ability to hear certain sounds later in life. I’m glad I did.”

Prior to making an appointment with Utah Ear Institute, Glen admits he did wonder, “Would it be worth the cost?” However, he soon realized the importance of good hearing. “I was impressed that they really knew their hearing and weren’t there just to sell me a hearing aid,” says Glen.

These days, communicating with his wife is much easier. “My wife says I don’t say ‘What?’ nearly as much as I did before receiving hearing aids,” he acknowledges.

Giving Utah Ear Institute a 10/10 rating, Glen encourages others who are struggling, “Do it. You are in good hands.”

– Glen M.


“Go now!”

Dennis noticed a change in his hearing around six years ago. Conversations were a struggle he says, as “I had trouble hearing what was said.”

The cost of hearing aids and “just having to wear hearing aids” were the two main issues Dennis struggled with prior to his appointment at Utah Ear Institute. However, soon his worries were forgotten. “They have a way to put you at ease,” says Dennis, recalling his first appointment.

Pleased with his new devices, Dennis says, “I can hear people talking, which makes me part of the discussion.”

Giving Utah Ear Institute a 10/10 rating, he encourages others to follow in his footsteps, saying, “Just go and go now!”

– Dennis J.


“My life is so improved.”

Cherrill says there wasn’t just one moment that clued her in on her loss but rather “a series of them.” Aware that her hearing was declining, she knew she had to take action, even though she admits, “I really didn’t think hearing aids would work for me.”

Upon visiting Utah Ear Institute, she says she was impressed with “a very caring and patient doctor who answered all my questions and encouraged me to try them [hearing aids].”

Cherrill is happy she did. “My life is so improved, and I can hear most things again,” she explains. “Sometimes a whisper is difficult, but my grandchildren are now heard by me.”

Giving Utah Ear Institute a 10/10 rating, she advises everyone, “Just go there and give it a try. Be patient with yourself and them while you find the right settings.”

– Cherrill D.


“Utah Ear Institute is awesome!!!”

Having a hearing loss and trying to communicate can be a challenge. But when your loved one also has a hearing loss, daily communication becomes nearly impossible.

Roger knows this all too well. He says, “My wife is a special needs teacher at a local elementary school and during COVID-19, when masks were required, she could not hear those small voices, given the masks. Also, I’m retired but do some substitute teaching and experienced the same problem when I subbed. After having played the drums for about 60 years, my ears had taken a real ‘beating’ and as such, I couldn’t hear. My wife and I didn’t ‘talk’ with each other, we found ourselves ‘yelling’ to be heard. This was very difficult.”

Desperate to reconnect to the world around them—and each other–Roger and his wife made appointments with Utah Ear Institute. He says, “We needed help and we knew it.”

Roger and his wife soon felt at ease following their first appointments. He says they were impressed with the “incredible, caring people – from Claudia, the receptionist, to the doctors that we work with.”

The couple were prescribed hearing aids following their comprehensive hearing assessments, and this has given them a new lease on life. “Our hearing aids are wonderful,” says Roger. “It has helped us greatly! They’ve helped my wife and me at home, work, the Temple, and family time.”
Roger rates Utah Ear Institute a 10/10 and advises others, “Don’t hesitate or wait any longer. Utah Ear Institute is awesome!!!”

– Roger R.


“Life is so much better when you can hear.”

Reflecting on the moment she first noticed her hearing was struggling, Patricia says, “I was about 50 years old when I realized that I was missing so much of what was taking place around me. I decided that I needed to do something about it.”

As hearing problems run in Patricia’s family, she didn’t have any major concerns prior to her appointment at Utah Ear Institute, and as it turns out, her visit was a positive experience. Patricia says, “The people were so friendly and helpful at the office.”

The hearing devices she was prescribed have helped her tremendously. “I can function much better since my visit to them,” Patricia notes.

Giving Utah Ear Institute a 9/10 rating, she advises others in a similar situation, “Go and have it taken care of. Life is so much better when you can hear.”

– Patricia B.


“I am much more comfortable in social situations.”

Peter says he became aware of his hearing loss when “I realized that I wasn’t hearing all the conversations around me.” Not wanting to miss out anymore, Peter decided to seek help from Utah Ear Institute.

Recalling his first appointment, Peter says, “I felt that Dr. Josh was really interested in my problem and that he was very professional and competent.” At his appointment, Peter’s hearing was comprehensively tested, and then he was prescribed with hearing aids.

Now, he says, “I am much more comfortable in social situations.”

When asked if he would recommend Utah Ear Institute to others, he says, “I unconditionally recommend it.” Peter gives them a 10/10 rating.

– Peter P.


“Very professional.”

Karin decided to invest in hearing aids because she didn’t want to miss out on communicating with others. She says, “I was sitting in church and the adorable little girl in front of me was whispering something to me that I couldn’t hear. I decided that I wanted to be able to hear her and that the way to do that was to get hearing aids.”

Karin soon made an appointment with Utah Ear Institute, despite having some concerns about the cost. “I am always concerned about the cost of things and hearing aids was no different,” she says. “But this was something I wanted to do for myself. And I felt good about investing the money. I have several friends who had gone to Dr. Luekenga, and so I already trusted him.”

Thinking back to her first appointment, she recalls “his offices are very professional.” Karin was fit with hearing aids and found herself amazed with the technology.

“I thought that they would just make things louder, but they do so much more – both good and bad,” she says. “But with my ReSound program, I feel like I am in control.”

Giving Utah Ear Institute an 8/10 rating, she advises potential patients, “Treat the purchase of hearing aids as you would any investment. Study and try before you buy. Then once you have made the investment, make the commitment to continue to use them and learn how they can be customized for you personally.”

– Karin J.


“Utah Ear Institute is taking very good care of me.”

Sharon came to Utah Ear Institute as a seasoned hearing aid wearer.

She says, “I have had hearing problems for more than 20 years; this is not my first set of hearing aids. They make all of the difference in my life.

Without them, I miss out on most everything going on around me. I couldn’t participate in many conversations going on around me. I often responded to questions with the wrong answer because I had misheard the question. I am now able to talk with my grandchildren, and that was really difficult before. I enjoy life much more when I can hear what is going on around me.”

Upon her first appointment at Utah Ear Institute, Sharon recalls, “My first impression was that everything was handled professionally.” Following a comprehensive hearing assessment, Sharon was fit with new hearing aids.

“They have allowed me to enjoy being around other people,” she says, referring to her latest devices.

Sharon gives Utah Ear Institute a 10/10 rating and advises others, “If you are having problems hearing conversations, it’s time to get some help. Utah Ear Institute is taking very good care of me.”

– Sharon S.


“Just wonderful.”

David says he noticed a decline in his hearing 18 years ago.

Recalling his initial appointment with Utah Ear Institute, he says it was “positive.” He adds, “Utah Ear and Josh H. are just wonderful.”

David keeps his hearing health and devices up to date with regular appointments. He gives Utah Ear Institute a 10/10 rating.

– David T., age 88


“They’re the best.”

Working in the airline industry for more than 20 years took its toll on Jim’s hearing. Conversations were proving challenging and frustrating because he often had to ask others to repeat themselves.

Jim turned to Utah Ear Institute for help and soon found himself in good hands. “John and his staff are very dedicated and had my well-being in mind,” he says.

Following a comprehensive hearing assessment, Jim was fit with hearing aids. He says they have improved his life “tremendously.” Conversations are now much less stressful. “I no longer have to say ‘WHAT?’” says Jim.

Giving Utah Ear Institute a 10/10 rating, he encourages others to make an appointment. “They’re the best,” he says.

– Jim Z.


“The end result is very rewarding.”

Dorothy’s hearing loss was making many aspects of her daily life very difficult.
She recalls, “I was having trouble hearing the TV. No matter how high I turned it on, I still couldn’t understand all that was being said. I love music, but it started sounding like just unfinished notes. The other thing that happened, when talking on the phone, it sounded like the words were cutting in and out. I thought the other person’s phone was cutting out.”
Dorothy knew she needed help, but she did have some reservations based on her mother’s experience with hearing aids. “My mother had hearing aids and she had to reach in her ear to adjust the loudness. She wouldn’t wear them half the time,” says Dorothy.

Nevertheless, she continued on her quest for better hearing. Recalling her first appointment at Utah Ear Institute, Dorothy says, “Everyone was very friendly and willing to answer my questions.”

Following her comprehensive hearing test, Dorothy was recommended hearing aids based on her hearing and lifestyle needs. Her new devices have reconnected her to everything she enjoys.

She says, “After getting my hearing aids, I could enjoy music, watch TV, and use the phone without any problems! The new technology is great. If I want to adjust the sound, I just reach behind my ear and push a button. I don’t have to be embarrassed asking, ‘Would you repeat that?’ or saying, ‘Speak louder.’”

Giving Utah Ear Institute a 10/10 rating, she highly recommends them to others. “Don’t hesitate to be tested!” she advises. “The test doesn’t hurt. The end result is very rewarding.”

– Dorothy W.


“I would highly recommend.”

The subject of hearing aids wasn’t something that Anonymous paid much attention to. But when they began to experience hearing challenges, suddenly finding out more about the technology became top priority.

Anonymous recalls, “I remember the first time I realized I had a hearing challenge. I felt horrible, I didn’t know what to do to correct it. I had a false understanding of how hearing devices could help me and the benefits that sort of technology could do to help my hearing loss.”

When making an appointment with Utah Ear Institute, Anonymous says, “Doing the right thing to correct it [hearing loss] was what concerned me the most. Finding someone I could trust to help me find a solution.”

Fortunately, Utah Ear Institute had the answers Anonymous was looking for. “I was impressed with the strong knowledge, confidence, and precision of the audiologist in hearing loss and his desire to help those with hearing loss,” says Anonymous.

Pleased with their hearing care and new devices, Anonymous says, “I would highly recommend the Utah Ear Institute. The Utah Ear Institute is equipped to helping those with hearing loss to hear.”

Anonymous gives them a 10/10 rating.

– Anonymous


“I can hear much better.”

Dennis’s hearing loss was gradual over time – so gradual that he can’t recall a specific moment he realized the change. “I don’t remember,” he says, “but the older I got, the harder it was to hear, especially with my grandkids.”

Prior to booking an appointment with Utah Ear Institute, Dennis didn’t have any concerns, but he just hoped “they could help.”

The team didn’t let him down. “My first visit was at West Valley. Great experience,” he says. At his appointment, Dennis had his hearing comprehensively tested and had the opportunity to talk about his challenges and lifestyle. His devices were prescribed based on his unique requirements.

The results have been amazing! Dennis says, “Hearing aids have been a real help. Glad I have them. Made it much better, now I can hear much better. My wife doesn’t complain as much.”

Dennis rates Utah Ear Institute a 10/10 and shares, “In my opinion, if you have any questions about them [hearing aids], I can say it’s much better than before. Now I can hear. Thanks to all the staff at Utah Ear Institute.”

– Dennis B.


“Nice and friendly.”

Alby was struggling to hear, asking others to repeat themselves constantly.

“I felt like everyone was mumbling when talking to me,” she says. “Finally, my children told me to go have my ears checked. I knew there was nothing wrong with my hearing, it was all them!”

Determined to prove them wrong, Alby made an appointment with Utah Ear Institute. However, the results surprised her. “Low and behold, I was having struggles. After several tests, I was fitted with hearing aids,” says Alby.

Recalling her first impressions of the office, she says, “I remember thinking Dr. Luekenga was very handsome and kind at the same time. Everyone there was nice and friendly.”

As for Alby’s new hearing aids, they have improved her life significantly. “At first, I would only wear them occasionally, but now I wear them all the time,” she says. “I am able to communicate with others without saying ‘What?’ all the time. I can understand movies, speakers, my family and not feel left out of their conversations.”

Alby gives Utah Hearing Institute a 10/10 rating and advises others, “It doesn’t hurt to find out if you could be helped and feel better about your relationship with others.”

– Alby J.


“Don’t hesitate.”

Brad’s hearing loss was making his life difficult. He says he “couldn’t function around others.”

Wanting to get his life back, Brad visited Utah Ear Institute to see if they could help. During his appointment, he had the chance to explain how his hearing loss was affecting him before a short series of tests to determine his hearing ability. Based on the results, Brad was prescribed hearing aids.

Pleased with his new devices and the improvement in his hearing, Brad rates Utah Ear Institute a 10/10. To anyone considering an appointment, he says, “Don’t hesitate.”

– Brad