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How United Healthcare Helps With Hearing Loss

by | Apr 13, 2023 | Insurance, Patient Resources

United Healthcare Insurance Co. offers a variety of hearing insurance programs that can help people of any age cover the costs associated with hearing loss.

These hearing insurance programs are designed to provide financial coverage for hearing health services, such as hearing aids, testing, and other treatments. With United Healthcare, you can choose from various plans and coverage levels. You can also get discounts on hearing aids and other services.

Here, I’ll discuss some features of United Healthcare’s hearing insurance programs and provide some tips for making sure you get the most out of your coverage. There’s also information on finding the right plan for you and your family.

Our goal is to help everyone in Utah better understand the hearing insurance programs offered by United Healthcare, so you’ll know what to look for in a plan when the time comes.

With the right coverage, you can manage your hearing healthcare costs and get the help you need to maintain your hearing.

What Can Hearing Insurance Provide?

Hearing insurance is a type of insurance coverage that helps to cover the costs associated with hearing healthcare services, such as hearing tests and hearing aids. It is an essential type of coverage for people who have hearing impairments or are at risk of hearing loss due to age or other factors.

Who Benefits from Hearing Care Insurance?

People who would benefit most from hearing insurance are those who are at risk of developing hearing loss due to age or pre-existing conditions, such as noise-induced hearing loss, genetic hearing loss, or chronic ear infections.

Hearing insurance may also benefit people with hearing impairments who require regular hearing tests, hearing aid fittings, or hearing aid maintenance. For example, those who need to purchase multiple hearing aids or require frequent repairs may find that their costs are significantly reduced when they are covered by hearing insurance.

Another type of person who may benefit from hearing insurance is someone who is on a fixed or low income. Hearing healthcare services can be quite costly, and being able to access these services at an affordable rate can be a great benefit.

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Hearing insurance can be an invaluable resource for people who are at risk of developing hearing loss, have existing hearing impairments, or are on a limited budget.

United Healthcare Insurance Plans

United Healthcare’s Medicare Advantage plans in Utah offer coverage for a yearly hearing evaluation, as well as co-pay amounts ranging from $375 to $1,425 (up to two per year) towards hearing aids if they’re provided by United Healthcare Hearing.

These plans are offered in partnership with the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), and they cover portions of co-pay, out-of-pocket, hearing exams, and hearing aid costs.

Depending on the plan, co-pay amounts and monthly premiums vary, as well as the in-network out-of-pocket maximums. United Healthcare also offers one Part C plan that is not in partnership with AARP, with a co-pay of $10 for a primary care provider and $50 for a specialist, as well as a $49 monthly premium and an out-of-pocket maximum of $7,500.

How Utah Hearing Institute Can Help

Understanding insurance programs and all the fine print that goes along with them can be overwhelming. We’ve experienced firsthand just how frustrating these companies can be, and that’s why we have in-house specialists to help you get what you need.

Whether you are looking for your first insurance plan or have one that may not suit your needs, we can help. Our team is very familiar with all the programs offered by United.

Even if you are with another provider, we have close working relationships with all the major insurance companies here in Utah.

No matter your situation, schedule a consultation with one of our specialists, so we can help you get the most from your insurance plan. This will allow you to focus on your health and get back to enjoying life with healthy hearing.

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Dr. Joshua Luekenga, Au.D., F-AAA, CCC-A, Audiologist

Dr. Joshua Luekenga is an audiologist and founder of The Utah Ear Institute which is comprised of 5 comprehensive clinics throughout Utah and Wyoming. He specializes in vestibular and balance diagnostics. He also evaluates and treats hearing disorders, Tinnitus, Auditory Processing Disorders (APD), Misophonia and Hyperacusis.

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