With young people taking advantage of hearing care, they’ll be able to safeguard their hearing long before they reckon with any further problems in their futures.

Are More Younger People Wearing Hearing Aids?

by | May 22, 2024 | Hearing Aids, Patient Resources

Is it just us, or are more young people wearing hearing aids?

We’ve seen it for ourselves in our clinics – it’s true! More young people are wearing hearing aids – and it’s not a bad thing. In fact, we see it as a major positive that young people are recognizing the benefits of hearing care and taking charge of their hearing health.

When you think of hearing aids, we’re guessing that the image of someone wearing them isn’t your average office worker. Maybe your parents wore them, or your grandparents… and if they did, you’ll remember what they looked like: Off-white or pale pink, obvious, and loudly buzzing behind their ears.

Thankfully, advanced hearing aid technology has made that image irrelevant. Nowadays, hearing aids are much more discreet and powerful, and some models are entirely invisible inside the ear canal.

Hearing care has long been attached to negative stigmas associated with aging, but with more young people wearing them, those negative stigmas can be addressed and, hopefully, ignored entirely.

Thanks to the new and improved technology in hearing aids, they’re no longer as awkward and embarrassing as they once were. With young people taking advantage of hearing care, they’ll be able to safeguard their hearing long before they reckon with any further problems in their futures.

If you’ve read this far, maybe you’re thinking that hearing aids could help you out too.

The Benefits of Regular Hearing Care

With the help of comprehensive hearing assessments, ear cleanings, and—where needed—hearing aids, you can hear the world around you and the people you love with enhanced clarity.

Imagine listening to your favorite music and hearing every beat or listening to your family around the dinner table and catching your grandkids’ jokes. Hearing care allows you to rejoin the conversation and take control of your life.

Regular hearing assessments will give you a baseline on what your hearing level currently is and monitor changes over annual tests. Plenty of our patients, young or old, find that their hearing changes over the years past their first hearing test.

Hearing aids reinstate your independence – imagine taking charge in work calls, cracking jokes at the dinner table with loved ones, and feeling comfortable in conversations. Anyone with a hearing loss that wears their hearing aids regularly will see and feel a positive change in their mental and physical health.

Hearing is a necessity that we take for granted until we find ourselves struggling with it. More and more young people are seeing the benefits of hearing care and utilizing their devices to hear the life they love – why not you as well?

How Utah Ear Institute Can Help

Our team can help you take charge of your hearing health and get back to hearing the world around you. From hearing tests to hearing aids, ear cleanings and tinnitus screenings, our passionate, professional team is here to assist you through your hearing health journey.

For questions you need answered about hearing care, or concerns about your unique situation, please feel free to request a callback and a member of our team will contact you with more information.

Alternatively, for a more immediate conversation, you can always call us at (801) 298-4327.

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Dr. Joshua Luekenga, Au.D., F-AAA, CCC-A, Audiologist

Dr. Joshua Luekenga is an audiologist and founder of The Utah Ear Institute which is comprised of 5 comprehensive clinics throughout Utah and Wyoming. He specializes in vestibular and balance diagnostics. He also evaluates and treats hearing disorders, Tinnitus, Auditory Processing Disorders (APD), Misophonia and Hyperacusis.

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