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“Rediscovering your hearing leads to a richer, more active and fulfilling lifestyle,” is the philosophy that drives ReSound’s commitment to innovation. With worldwide access to ReSound devices in 80 countries, they are one of the world’s most recognized hearing aid producers.

ReSound belongs to the GN Group, a global leader in intelligent audio solutions, playing a critical role in the research and development of medical, professional, and consumer audio solutions, while manufacturing and distributing med-tech, hearables, and intelligent audio products.

In 1992, ReSound produced the first open-standard digital chip capable of delivering improved programming flexibility, establishing the foundation for the ReSound AIR open fit design that was released in 2003, which provided a more natural sound and limited the discomfort of a plugged ear canal that some users experience with hearing aids.

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Sound Processing by ReSound

Balancing nature and science in perfect harmony while designing hearing solutions that perfectly fit your life, instead of requiring you to fit your life around hearing loss, is what sets apart ReSound hearing aid wearers. The most intuitive and natural hearing solutions on the market work with your unique ear anatomy to mimic how sounds are naturally collected and delivered to your brain.

ReSound’s Organic Hearing philosophy makes it possible for your hearing aids to deliver the whole sound picture, while you select the sounds you want to listen to and tone down the ones you don’t. With the company’s Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC) system to adjust sound input intensity and Digital Feedback Suppression (DFS) to eliminate issues with howling (feedback) and distortion, hearing aid users enjoy increased wearing comfort.

ReSound hearing aids at Utah Ear Institute

ReSound’s Hearing Aid Features

ReSound hearing aids use innovative nano and micro-digital technology, making them smaller, lighter, and capable of enhancing sound quality, clarity, and processing performance by using features such as:

  • Easy adjustment, so you can feel at ease and engage effortlessly with others, even in noisy, challenging, and changing listening situations.
  • Natural sound without overpowering wind noise.
  • Improved speech processing, allowing you to isolate speech from your surroundings, even in noisy environments.
  • Up to three days of quick charging on the go without a power outlet so you needn’t worry over batteries.
  • Bluetooth (2.4 GHz) technology to connect your hearing aids with your iPhone, Android, or other digital devices.
  • The Remote Assist app, which allows your hearing care provider to receive programming adjustment requests and then send the new settings to upload to your device no matter where you are.

Patient-Focused Hearing Care from Utah Ear Institute

The hearing aids manufactured by ReSound are among the advanced technology solutions used by the team of audiologists at our four Utah Ear Institute locations in Bountiful, Tooele, Park City, and West Valley City hearing and balance centers, but no level of technology replaces you as the primary focus of the hearing care we provide.

After a highly accurate hearing assessment, our hearing care professionals address your specific hearing challenges by guiding you through the process of selecting the hearing aid that best addresses your specific type and severity of hearing loss along with meeting your personal and budget preferences.

Besides making advanced hearing aid technology from brand name manufacturers, such as ReSound, Starkey, Sonic, and more, available to you, we also provide ongoing technical support, device maintenance, and hearing aid repair to ensure that you enjoy both better hearing and a more active, independent lifestyle.

If you might benefit from the advanced technology hearing aids we have available or need some help from one of our technicians, then contact the most trusted hearing care in Northern Utah by using the adjacent form.

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