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The world’s first electric Acousticon hearing device was released by Oticon in 1904, establishing the company as a hearing aid manufacturer. A partnership with Charles Lehman launched the American-Danish Oticon Corporation, which became a leading provider of hearing aids after World War II and a leading global hearing aid manufacturer by 1965.

The company’s first in-the-ear (ITE) hearing device was released by Oticon in 1977, while the company’s first digital device was sold in 1996. In the 21st century, Oticon has led the way in improving sound sensitivity as well as introduced streaming and connectivity features into their hearing aids in 2007.

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Sound Processing by Oticon

Oticon’s 21st century focus on innovation centers around their Brain Hearing concept, which involves designing and building technology that supports how the brain processes sound and speech to derive meaning rather than just the amplification of sound.

Today’s Oticon hearing aids use the Opn technology platform, making it possible for hearing aid wearers to distinguish between multiple speakers within a noisy environment, while applying micro-digital and nano-digital technology innovations to produce increasingly smaller, lighter, and more discreet hearing devices with improved sound quality, voice clarity, and instrument performance.

Oticon hearing aids at Utah Ear Institute

Oticon’s Hearing Aid Features

Through the combination of micro-digital and nano-digital technology innovations, Oticon manufactures increasingly smaller, lighter, and more discreet hearing devices with features such as:

  • Two communication systems operate in one hearing aid. One between hearing aids, improving spatial awareness, and the other for wireless communication with external digital devices using low battery consumption, like your smartphone or TV.
  • Their Bluetooth® compatible hearing aids include an integrated sound generator with broadband sounds and ocean-like sounds that can be personalized to meet the specific needs of those with tinnitus.
  • A variety of preprogrammed sound environments and preferences can be personalized by the user.
  • Clear, transparent sound quality and speech details, through sound preservation technology, enhance your capacity to understand speech in soft to loud noise with less effort, even when multiple speakers are competing for your attention.
  • Expanded input dynamic range allows you to enjoy better sound quality without distortion even in challenging listening environments.
  • The Genie app provides fitting and counseling tools to assist your hearing care provider with fitting and facilitates ongoing counseling and support no matter where you are.

Patient-Focused Hearing Care from Utah Ear Institute

The hearing aids manufactured by Oticon are among the advanced technology solutions used by the team of audiologists at our four Utah Ear Institute locations in Bountiful, Tooele, Park City, and West Valley City hearing and balance centers, but no level of technology replaces you as the primary focus of the hearing care we provide.

After a highly accurate hearing assessment, our hearing care professionals address your specific hearing challenges by guiding you through the process of selecting the hearing aid that best addresses your specific type and severity of hearing loss along with meeting your personal and budget preferences.

Besides making advanced hearing aid technology from brand name manufacturers, such as Oticon, Phonak, ReSound, and more, available to you, we also provide ongoing technical support, device maintenance, and hearing aid repair to ensure that you enjoy both better hearing and a more active, independent lifestyle.

If you might benefit from the advanced technology hearing aids we have available or need some help from one of our technicians, then contact the most trusted hearing care in Northern Utah by using the adjacent form.

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