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Ask Dr. Josh

While misophonia can be a significant part of your life, it doesn't define you. The journey of understanding, acceptance, and management is ongoing.

When Chewing Sounds Make You Want to Flip the Dinner Table: Understanding and Treating Misophonia

Imagine sitting at a dinner table for a lovely meal. The atmosphere is jovial, but then the chewing, slurping, or gnashing starts. And suddenly, everything feels off balance. If you've…...
Is Costco right for your hearing loss?

What’s the Difference Between Buying Hearing Aids From Costco vs. The Utah Ear Institute?

With a Costco store not far from one of our offices, we’re regularly asked why we deserve your business when you could just buy a hearing aid from…...
Understand your investment

Understanding the Investment in Hearing Aids | Utah’s Trusted Hearing Care Experts Explain

If you're viewing this page, it's quite possible you're contemplating one of the most common questions we encounter at the Utah Ear Institute: 'How much are hearing aids?' …...